Hergom E-40


The E-40 from Hergom has a contemporary design incorporating crisp, straight edges that offer a rigid contrast to the fluidity of the flames, visible through the large glass front. Providing a constant, gentle warmth due to the heat retention properties of its robust cast iron, the E-40 continues to emit heat even after the fire has died down.

The smallest details on the unit are designed to delight – like the black steel handle that blends seamlessly with the rich dark grey of the cast iron body. Even the internal plates of the combustion chamber are made of cast iron, and the white enamelled coating on the side and back panels reflect more heat into the room as well as highlighting the brilliance of the fire as never before.

In the more than fifty years of professional experience, Hergom has perfected its production process, controlling first-hand the design, casting and manufacturing of each of its products. Today they are one of the leading companies in the heating sector worldwide, with five manufacturing and operations points in Europe and America.


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