Looking for the all season cooker – the esse Companion is your solution A purpose built add on to your esse wood stove; the esse Companion is the perfect fit to; esse 905 Series Wood Stove esse 990 Series Wood Stove It’s a complete cooker with 1 large Electric oven 1 small Electric oven Built in […]

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Esse 905 13amp

Esse 905 13amp Electric Range Cooker

Thermal mass electric cookers offer you all the benefits of cooking like a wood stove – without the wood And with Esse – these no longer use a lot of power.. 2 x 13amp plug in power sockets is all it takes to cook like a master chef The Esse 13amp is stunning 1 x […]

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esse plus 2 companion

The ESSE Plus2 Companion is exactly that – its a Plus2 to your ESSE wood stove. Made with the same quality and attention to detail as your esse wood stove, the Companion now gives you the option quick cooking if you don’t want to use your esse cooker 4 Electric Hot Plates 1 Large oven 1 small […]

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