Alderlea Inbuilt Wood Heater – Heats 250+m2

For homes that demand nothing but the best: the Canadian made Alderlea T5 insert wood heater is nothing but the best

Its solid Cast Iron fascia is a stand out … and the options of changing it to an Enamel White or Brown finish gives this heater a new level of stunning-ness

  • Heats 210+M2
  • 4Star performance at 67% efficiency and clean burning at 1.1grms

Packed with features

  • Fully fire bricked lined: for more thermal mass ( heater stays hotter for longer )
  • Stainless Steel Top Baffle: Pre-heats the air that makes the fire burn hotter and cleaner
  • 10Year Warranty: not just on the firebox… But also on the top baffle
  • Pre-Heated air: makes the heater burn soo clean
  • Massive control: largest air control ever – makes adjusting the fire so easy
  • Dual Fans: Yes 2 x fans that are side mounted ( so no more blowing dust around the house )
  • Auto fan: no more blowing cold air, the fan works when the heater is hot
  • Cast Iron Door: with lever action door handle – very easy to open and close the door
  • Knife edge Door Seal: guaranteed to seal completely every time

Change the look of your fire

  • Matte Black
  • Aged White Enamel
  • Brown Enamel
alderlea inbuilt wood heater
Alderlea inbuilt wood heater in Aged White Enamel Finish


alderlea inbuilt wood heater
Alderlea inbuilt wood heater in Majolica Enamel Brown Finish


alderlea inbuit wood heater
Alderlea inbuilt wood heater in raw cast black