Alderlea T5 Wood Heater – Heats 250+M2

The Alderlea T5 wood heater is outstanding. It not just the stunning cast finish, or the deep 450mm deep firebox, or the top that opens as a trivet, or the 12+ hour burn time or the stunning way the Alderea burns

Perfect for the medium to larger homes looking for a wood heater that not only looks the fantastic – but performs even better

  • Heats 210M2+
  • 4Star rated at 67% Efficient and very clean burning at 1.1grms

Packed with features

  • Knife Edge Door Seal: a sealed door every time
  • Fully Fire bricked lined; all sides and base. More thermal mass means it stays hotter for longer
  • Floating Firebox: no issues with expansion banging noises
  • Stainless Steel Top Baffle: pre-heats the combustion air for cleaner fire and quad burn
  • Cast Iron Door: just much better quality than other steel press doors
  • Roll-a-Door handle: for smooth door opening and closing
  • HUGE air control: 100mm air adjustment means it easy to control your fire
  • Ash Dump System standard: easy to clean and solid snap shut spring loaded door
  • Optional Auto Fan: means the fan only blows hot air

Then there is the finish options

  • Matte Black
  • Enameled Antique White
  • Enameled Brown

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