Esse 700 Vista Wood Heater – Heats 100+m2

Esse 700 Vista wood heater

ESSE 700 Wood Heater…Hand Made in Britain

700 Vista Wood Heater - ESSE 700 Wood Heater...Hand Made in Britain

ESSE have the reputation of stunning quality products, and the esse 700 Wood Heater is just more proof of this.

With its large stunning glass door, this little heater is perfect for any country home wanting to heat up to 100m2


Stunning to watch

700 Vista Wood Heater - Stunning to watch

With 2 x air controls, you can change the way your ESSE 700 Vista burns.

The Top air control gives you FLAMES…and lots of flames!

Where the bottom air control works like bellows to give your fire a serious boost when needed


Optional Wood Box Upgrade

700 Vista Wood Heater - Optional Wood Box Upgrade

An optional wood box storage can transform the look of your Esse 700.


Esse 700 REVIEW

700 Vista Wood Heater - Esse 700 REVIEW

The Esse 700 has a WOW factor when you first see it.

The complete front of the unit is the door, and when open you can see the hidden shaker grate and ashtray.

The large glass is held in place by a cast iron door, so you will not get any issues with expansion on the glass.

The vermiculite firebricks ensure the fire burns hot and bright, just need to be careful not to just throw the wood in.

The only negative is the door handle, you do need to use the provided esse glove to open and close the door.. the handle does get hot. Our score 9.5/10…


Max Efficiency of 70%

700 Vista Wood Heater - Max Efficiency of 70%

The esse 700 was tested with a Max efficiency of 70% with an average efficiency of 65% – making this 10% more efficient than most heaters in its class


Ready for 2019 – at 1.0Grms Emissions

In 2019, the EPA are changing all wood heaters to burn cleaner – the esse 500 was tested at 1.0grms emission, 50% cleaner burning under the 2019 standards that are coming


Made in Britan

700 Vista Wood Heater - Made in Britan

The Esse 700 is proudly made in England by Esse.

All castings are also 100% made in England too



Heating Capacity 110m2 (10.5kw)
Efficiency 65%
Emissions 1grm
Height 681mm
Width 570mm
Depth 381mm
Depth including ash lip 420mm
Rear 350mm
Side 400mm
Corner 275mm
Min thickness 9mm
Depth 1090mm
Width 820mm
Weight 102kg



  • Add Wood Box $190



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