Esse 905 W35 Hydronic Stove – 10Kw

The Esse 905 W35 is the perfect stove for not jut cooking with her stunning 2 true cooking ovens : but comes with a massive wet back to heat 10+Kw of hot water

The 10+Kw of hot water is perfect for heating not only your domestic hot water, but also 3 to 4 radiators as well

Come summer, the optional Summer Bricks allow you to bank the hot water down to 3Kw.. perfect for domestic water usage only

Features include

  • 1 x Large oven
  • 1 x small oven
  • wood only firebox, with overnight burn
  • large dogbone hot plate
  • 1 x Esse trademark round hot plate covers standard
  • UK Made
  • Solid cast construction
  • 14 different enamel colours to choose from

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