Esse 990 Wood Stove

esse 990 wood stove

The award winning ESSE 990 wood stove is no ordinary wood stove…it is a hand made stove…built to perfection – and to work.


Wanting to make the highest efficient cooker – ESSE nail this by including not one – but TWO catalytic after burners that re-burn all your smoke, reducing the emissions to the cleanest burning wood stove EVER

Not only is it clean burning…the Esse 990 burns for ever – 12 hour burn time on a single load of wood


990 Series Wood StoveThree Ovens…all true cooking ovens

  • the Left bottom oven is your hottest oven: perfect for getting the perfect crackle on your Pork
  • the Right bottom oven is your lower temperature oven: perfect for the slow cooked Lamb Shanks
  • the large Main oven is your baking oven: equally heated, it perfect for baking all day long

The extra wide cooker, at 990mm wide, gives you 90mm more cooking space – perfect for more pans simmering away


The Firebox has a hidden trick –  it has a glass door. This not only alows you to see your fire, but offers heating to your kitchen of up to 60m2

Hot Water

The esse 990 is available with no hot water (dry) or a 4kW wet back…enough hot water to heat up to a 400ltr tank


esse wood stove colour range
esse wood stove colour range

There is over 30 enamel finishes available. With up to 5 coats of Glass Enamel, this not only gives your cooker a robust working surface, but with esse’s choice of colours – you can really make your esse 990 yours

Add a companion

Esse’s optional electric companion can be added to your esse 990 to give you the ultimate all year round cooking solution

Customer Reviews

Cooking on the Esse 990


Height 900mm
Width 990mm
Depth 600mm


Rear 60mm
Side 30mm