esse hybrid

Introducing the Esse 990 Hybrid

esse hybrid range cooker
esse hybrid range cooker

The Esse Hybrid is the perfect “all in one” cooker solution.

Half wood – Half electric the Hybrid offers a real solution for all seasons

It’s Half Wood – Half Electric

esse hybrid range cooker
esse hybrid range cooker

The left hand side of the Hybrid is all wood fired.

The hot plate and 30 litre oven are heated by the fire.

Open the enamel door to reveal ESSE’s glass door for times when you want to see your flames.

The right hand side of the Hybrid is all electric with TWO TRUE OVENS.

The larger top oven can reach up to 240°C – the bottom can reach up to 200°C. Both electric ovens are thermostatically controlled and cook JUST LIKE a wood oven.

There is also a massive skillet hotplate on the right hand side.

You CAN have both the wood side going AND the electric side going at the same time.

When you put all this together you have 3 x TRUE ovens, and the largest hot plate cooking area ever

Built like an ESSE

The ESSE Hybrid is built to the exact standards of the British Made esse cookers.

Cast iron construction, beautiful enamel finishes – the ESSE 990 Hybrid is just stunning


The Right Hand Side – All Electric Ovens

The right hand side of your ESSE Hybrid is all electric.

Offering 2 full thermostatically controlled electric ovens with ESSE’s patented “wrap around” electric elements, these cast iron ovens cook just like the wood oven. The top oven also includes a built in electric grill

The Right Hand Side – Electric Skillet Hot Plate

esse hybrid range cooker
esse hybrid range cooker

The top of the stove (on the right) has a massive 330mm cast iron skillet hot plate.

Big enough for 3+ saucepans – or perfect for direct cooking

ESSE Bolster Lids allows you to ‘Char-Steam’ directly on your hot plate

Char-steam asparagus, leek, or anything you can dream up directly on the cast iron skillet hot plate – and trap the juices by steaming them at the same time by closing the bolster lid. This unique cooking method is called ‘Char-Steam’, and that’s exactly what it does. You can cook on the hot plate directly to give the food a charred finish, close the bolster lid to steam the food at the same time. This gives you the most delicious and healthy food for your friends and family – cooked directly on top of your stove

The Left – is all wood fired

Behind the top left door is where the wood fire hides. This not only heats the hot plate directly above, but the oven directly below. Open the unique ESSE enamel door to reveal a glass door that allows you to see the fire and allow the warmth into your house at the same time. The ESSE Hybrid is true SLOW COMBUSTION wood stove which offers overnight burn

Cook over Embers – Direct in your ESSE

esse hybrid range cooker
esse hybrid range cooker

The firebox not only provides heat to your room, you can even BBQ inside the fire.

The removable BBQ grill allows you to grill up the perfect steak over glowing embers, or cook a genuine wood fired pizza, the cooking options are only limited by your imagination

3 x Ovens

The Hybrid gives you 3 true cooking ovens (PLUS you can cook in the firebox)

The bottom left hand oven – this is heated by your wood stove.

Light up your fire and your bottom left oven can reach up to 180°C to cook the best roasts.

The 2 ovens on the right are all electric and both are TRUE COOKING OVENS, which are thermostatically controlled

Wood and Electric Hotplates – Best of both

On the left when you have your fire going, the complete left hand side of the hob (not just the rings) get hot.

There is serious control from boiling your kettle, to slow cooking by just sliding your pots across the top to find your sweet spot.

On the right it’s all electric. The skillet hot plate can reach up to 400°C by just the turn of a dial, the heat also transfers across the hob.

This means the cooking technique is the same from cooking over the fire, to cooking on the electric – just slide your pans across the top to find your sweet spot.

You can use one side at a time – or both to give you the largest cooking surface area

ESSE Controls

esse hybrid range cooker
esse hybrid range cooker

The electric half of your ESSE Hybrid is soo easy to use.

Firstly the controls are separate, allowing you to hide them in a cupboard next to your stove, or bench mount them to feature them.

The controls give you full power to use the stove as a stove, or put your ESSE in SLUMBER MODE to use the electric side to warm your kitchen with a 2kw heat output.

Extremely efficient

The 990 Hybrid is all about efficiency.

The wood firebox is 89% efficient and will burn 12+hours on a single full load of wood.

The electric half is even MORE efficient; using only 15amps of power. Running all day long your electric stove will only cost about $1.00 per day to run

Add hot water

The 990 Hybrid can also have a hot water jacket added. Perfect for heating a 300l low pressure hot water system

Esse Hybrid Review

This review is from Greg Parker-Hill. 6th generation and CEO… of Pivot Stove.

My wife and I put the Hybrid in our home 3 years ago as the test model for Australia. ESSE wanted to ensure that this stove worked with our hard woods and did everything the brochure tells you it does…and it does!

There are a few things I’d like to highlight.

It’s mega efficient. We can easily get 15+ hours of burn time from our Hybrid (we do only use good wood – this makes all the difference) and when we leave the enamel door open to see the fire – the passive heat is perfect for maintaining the heat to our open kitchen and living area…we have had many nights with a good book and a bottle of red in front of this stove.

Secondly is the baking.

Our family (especially our kids) love to bake and entertain.

To have 3 ovens + being able to BBQ in the firebox means we can entertain all our friends easily.

Finally is our lifestyle. Owning a business and the hours we put in are not traditionally suited to a wood stove.

Plus we live in Geelong where we can have 30°C one day and 11°C the next, so to have the electric side that we can easily cook with during the long weeks (and hot days) is perfect – but in winter, our ESSE Hybrid never goes out…our family truly love this cooker




Height 900mm
Width 990mm
Depth 600mm
Rear 60mm
Sides 30mm
Hearth Extends 300mm in front
Thickness min 9mm
Top Right Baking oven ELECTRIC 42 ltr
Top Oven Integrated full width grill included
Height 300mm
Width 340mm
Depth 460mm
Max temperature 240oC
Control Thermostat controlled
Bottom Left Baking oven ELECTRIC 30 ltr
Height 200mm
Width 340mm
Depth 460mm
Max temperature 200oC
Control Thermostat controlled
Bottom Right Warming Oven WOOD 30 ltr
Height 200mm
Width 340mm
Depth 460mm
Max temperature 200oC
Hot Plate
Hot Plate Left Hand Side heated by Wood
Hot Plate Right Hand Side heated by Electric
Power 1 x 15amp
Flue Size 6 inch