Kemlan XL

The Kemlan XL is a Great way to heat a big home with the capacity to heat up to 320m2 with a 2 speed fan, This heater will have no problems heating any home. A great big glass to enjoy the ambiance and also a pre heated air wash system to ensure your glass always stays clean.

Type: Semi Radiant. Cook top

Heating Capacity: Up to 320M2

Efficiency: 61%

Emissions: 2.0 g/Kg

Burn Time: 8-12 Hours*

2 speed Fan included

User friendly

Proudly Australian made

6mm Firebox

Firebrick lined floor with ceramic sides and baffle plate

Available Black or charcoal

10 year warranty

Specifications for Kemlan-XL


Dimensions for Kemlan XL

Width: 785mm

Height: 838mm

Depth: 603mm


Back of heater to centre of flue: 216mm


Clearances to combustible materials:

Rear: 70mm

side: 550mm

Corner: 150mm


Hearth sizes:

Minimum depth: 1400mm overall with at least 500mm in front of heater.

Minimum width: 1060mm overall.