Masport F7000

This sleek and contemporary unit comes with a panoramic glass door which allows a beautiful view of the fire on those cold winter nights. The size of the heater is great for larger homes which will keep everyone nice and toasty, the air vents on the top allow for the heat coming off the firebox to escape and give a boost to the extra warmth in your home.

Type: 2-Speed Fan forced
Heating capacity: up to 240M2
Efficiency: 58%
Emissions: 1.1g/kg

  • Superior heat from a fully finned cast iron firebox and triple air combustion system
  • Standard two speed fan for faster heat circulation
  • Fitted with masonry brick and steel top baffle plate
  • Smooth release door latch with adjustable door hinge
  • Included wet back option


Overall Dimensions:

  • 835mm high
  • 685mm wide
  • 583mm depth

Clearances to combustible materials:

  • Rear: 225mm
  • Side: 400mm
  • Corner from the Centre of the flue: 400mm

Back of heater to centre of flue: 398mm

Hearth Distance/Clearance:

  • Either side of opening: 136mm
  • Front of heater: 300mm