Masport F2000

This unit has a beautiful flush front finish on the firedoor with the door opening up to a full 90 degrees to make loading the firebox with wood a breeze. Instead of the painted finish, the F2000 offers a black enamel outer surface which is highly durable and gives a nice lift to the overall look.

This model is suitable to heat small to medium homes, the cast iron firebox really helps to retain a nice heat and in turn, distribute the warmth efficiently for longer periods. The F2000 also has a triple air combustion system to efficiently burn all of the wood put into the fire and comes standard with a 2 speed fan to help move that air faster.

Type: Fan forced

Heating capacity: 170M2

Efficiency: 64%

Emissions: 1.2g/kg

Fitted with masonry bricks and steel baffle plate

Smooth release door latch with adjustable door hinges

Specifications for Masport F2000



Overall Dimensions:

  • 660mm high
  • 580mm wide
  • 474mm depth

Clearances to combustible materials:

  • Rear: 180mm
  • Side: 300mm
  • Corner from the Centre of the flue: 360mm

Back of heater to centre of flue: 369mm

Hearth Distance/Clearance:

  • Either side of opening: 146mm
  • Front of heater: 300mm