Nectre Mega

The Nectre Mega LE is built to heat large areas. With its massive 340m2 heating capacity through its radiant/convection technology, This heater is a great asset for the bigger homes. Optional leg or pedestal models to suit a contemporary or traditional styled home and also can come with a optional central heating boiler for sustainable living.

Type: Radiant/Convection

Heating Capacity: Up to 340M2

Efficiency: 65% Peak

Emissions: 1.5 grams/Kg

Burn Time: 8-10 Hours*

  • Cast Iron Door
  • 12mm Baffle plate (lower)
  • 5mm Baffle plate (upper)
  • 6mm/8mm Steel firebox
  • Well insulated firebox with bricks all along the sides and back
  • Steel firebrick retainer
  • Firebox size 600(w) x 430(d) x 320(h)
  • Weight is 170 Kg Legs / Pedestal 180Kg
  • Maximum log width is 560
  • Optional 3 speed fan
  • Optional Central heating boiler


Specifications for Nectre Mega


                                          LEG MODEL DIMENSIONS                                     PEDESTAL MODEL DIMENSIONS                                                    TOP VIEW

Nectre MEGA dimensions

Pedestal model size : 760mm (w) x 826mm (h) x 540mm (d) – base width 700mm

Legs model size :       760mm (w) x 826mm (h) x 540mm (d) – base width 670mm



Flue shielding
Decro-mesh with 900mm inner reflector
C = 300mm, D = 450mm, G = 1100mm, F = 1100mm