Quadrafire 5700 Steptop

This heater is the largest model in the Quadrafire range. With the ability to heat a massive 370m2 and burn for at least 15 hours. Big heavy duty cast iron door, Ash removal system and many other features to make life a breeze. We have this model burning in our show room feel free to come through and see it in action.

Type: Semi Radiant. Cook top

Heating Capacity: Up to 370M2

Efficiency: 65%

Emissions: 1.5 g/Kg

Burn Time: 14-19 Hours*

Automatic Combustion Control

Four point quad burn technology

Ash removal system

Step-top – Fan blows air through the heater between the 2 steps directing beautiful warm heat forward.

American made

6mm Firebox

32mm Brick lined. sides base and back

Optional 3 speed Fan

FlatĀ Black

15 Year Warranty

Specifications for Quadrafire 5700 Step-top


Dimensions Overall:



Depth: 699mm

*Please see brochure for diagrams.



minimal clearance from firebox to rear combustible wall: 200mm

Minimal clearance from firebox to side combustible wall: 330mm

Minimal clearance from Corner of firebox to combustible wall: 100mm


Hearth Clearances:

Minimal clearance from firebox opening to floor protector front: 450mm

Minimal clearance from firebox floor to protector side: 76mm


Hearth Size:

Minimum Depth: 1210mm

Minimal Width: 850mm

Minimal Corner: 1443 x 1443

*Please see brochure for diagrams.