Super Wood Heater – Heats 250+M2

super wood heater
super wood heater

Made in Canada

One quality heater with a firebox built to take long logs…the Super is perfect for the home that needs a heater to burn for 12+ hours and use the least amount of wood.

Love that you can custom design your Super 27 to suit your home with Pedestal or go the traditional Cottage leg look.

Perfect for the medium to larger home

  • Heats 250M2
  • 4 Star Rated at 67% Efficiency
  • Very clean burning at 1.1grms Emissions
  • 12+ hour burn time

Packed with features

  • Knife Edge Door Seal: a sealed door every time
  • Fully Fire bricked lined; all sides and base. More thermal mass means it stays hotter for longer
  • Stainless Steel Top Baffle: pre-heats the combustion air for cleaner fire and quad burn
  • Cast Iron Door: just much better quality than other steel press doors
  • Roll-a-Door handle: for smooth door opening and closing
  • HUGE air control: 100mm air adjustment means it easy to control your fire
  • Ash Dump System: easy to clean and solid snap shut spring loaded door
  • Optional Auto Fan: means the fan only blows hot air

Made in to suit your home…you can design your heater with

  • Legs or Pedestal
  • Black or Chrome Doors

Pacific Energy Heaters are easy to light

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