Yunca Monte Wood Heater – Heats 200+m2

Yunca is New Zealands No1 brand. It made it by building heaters that work in cold wet areas: and that is just what this heater does

The Monte is designed with 40mm furnace fire bricks that give this long thermal mass of heat, keeping homes warmer longer. And the Stainless Steel baffle acts as a pre-heat for the secondary air that just makes this heater perform

Heats 200+m2

4.5 Star rated at 69% efficient and a very clean 1.1grms emissions

Packed with features:

    • 10 x 40mm thick furnace fire bricks: gives long thermal mass
    • Stainless steel pre-heated top baffle: makes this heater burn very clean
    • Cook top: a must have
    • Optional Fan: heating your home faster
    • Option Hot Water Jacket: perfect for extra hot water for your home

Thermal Mass

One of the most impressive design features for the Yunca Monte is the use of 10 x 40mm thick Thermal Mass Furnace Bricks

These Furnace Bricks will hold heat up to 3 times longer than standard 25mm firebricks – meaning your Yunca will keep your home warmer for longer

There are 3 looks you can choose:

  • Monte on Legs
  • Monte on Pedestal
  • Monte on wood box


Pedestal and Euro Height 784mm
Leg Model Height 730mm
Width 663mm
Depth 572mm
Weight 170mm


Rear 200mm
Side 350mm
Corner 200mm


Heating 20kW or 200m2
Efficiency 69%
Emissions 0.96grms per Kg wood
Weight 170kg


Fan Optional
Wet Back Optional


  • MonteEuroWood-BurnerInstallationJuly2013.pdf Download