We stock a large range of accessories to compliment your wood heater or cooker. Ask for our helpful hints and information sheets to help understand how to successfully operate your unit.

  • Heater toolsets
  • Trivets
  • Kettles
  • Flue brushes & rods
  • Air transfer kits
  • Prefabricated Tile, Slate or Granite Hearths in various sizes
  • Bellows
  • Stove cement & putty
  • Heat resistant silicone
  • Fire Starters
  • Bags of Kindling
  • Ceiling hot air transfer ducting kits
  • Smart Burn
  • Wood carriers, storage cane baskets & metal boxes
  • Wood moisture meters
  • Hot water storage cylinders (low & mains pressure)
  • Solar systems
  • Central heating systems
  • High temp heater paint
  • Child guards & mesh screens
  • BBQ tools
  • Rotisseries
  • Morso wood fired BBQs
  • Heatlie & Morso gas BBQs

For all your wood heater and cooking needs, contact us today or come and see us in our showroom and have confidence in the knowledge that you’re dealing with a team that prides itself on honesty, integrity and top quality products and workmanship, all backed by decades of knowledge and experience in the trade.

You’ll find us at 257 Great Alpine Road, Bairnsdale, at the top of the Lucknow Hill, on the Bruthen side of town.