Esse 500EL

ESSE’s compact new 500EL electric range cooker fits comfortably into any size of kitchen. The 500EL slots easily into the space reserved for a standard cooker, or is the perfect companion to any of ESSE’s wood stoves. The stylishly streamlined 500EL can be positioned wherever there’s a 13AMP power supply.


ESSE’s 500EL comprises of two true cooking ovens, full-width grill and a generous cast iron hotplate. It delivers plug and play flexibility of a modern cooker with style and elegance of an ESSE. Like all ESSE electric cookers, the ESSE 500EL bakes like no other. Both the generous ovens feature patented 3kW wraparound elements, and a 3kW ‘wall-to-wall’ grill element, that provides even temperatures and consistent performance all the way around the top oven. It performs just like a wood stove, with the cast iron construction radiating the heat you can bake in the top oven and roast in the bottom oven at the same time. The top and lower ovens also incorporate a unique moisture control vent that completely changes the ovens baking. By closing the vent, you can trap the moisture in your oven (perfect for cakes and breads) – or open the vent to allow the excess steam to escape (perfect for roasting pumpkin and potatoes). The cast iron skillet style hot plate is capable of accommodating three pots and pans simultaneously, the powerful heat of the 33cm hotplate is perfect for direct to cast iron cooking and the bolster lid creates a ‘steam and sizzle’ cooking environment. The dials for ovens, grill and hotplate are all neatly housed in a standalone external control panel which can be wall-mounted, freestanding or hidden away in a cupboard. Of course with no flue needed, your 500EL can be positioned wherever there’s a 13AMP power supply. Designed to be an all rounder, the 500EL matches a standard bench height at 900mm high, and a versatile 500mm wide. The depth of the cooker is 600mm to fit into any classic kitchen.

Dimensions 9000 × 5000 × 6000 mm