Esse Ironheart


The welcoming warmth of this cookstove can turn any house into a home. Created to celebrate 150 years of ESSE, the Ironheart combines the most distinctive heritage style to offer timeless appeal.

Unlike ESSE’s enamelled cookers, which are designed to contain heat within the body of the cooker, the Ironheart has convection panels in the side to radiate warmth like a wood-burning heater.

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The large firebox heats up a room as well as the oven and hotplate. The Ironheart’s hypnotising flame pattern can be appreciated through the large, clear glass door. The Ironheart come with a heat screen which can be hung in front of the firebox for your comfort while cooking. Primary and secondary air controls allow a high level of control.

The Ironheart combines understated style with plenty of cooking potential. The large oven has a 47.8ltr capacity and trays can be placed directly on the oven floor as well as on the shelves, while its dog bone hotplate can accommodate six pans at once. Need extra space? Add the optional side wings to your Ironheart for that extra workspace.

A clean-burning design and minimal emissions make for an efficiency level of up to 81%.

The Ironheart is stunningly built, finished off in a charcoal matte traditional finish.

The Ironheart Deluxe has been upgraded for the home chef, with easy to clean enamel top and chrome plated hot plate covers.

Dimensions 9000 × 9050 × 6000 mm