Esse Warmheart


While our enamel range cookers are designed to contain heat, the Warmheart incorporates convection panels that radiate warmth into the room for long periods on a single load – just like our wood stoves.

The Warmheart provides ample heat to keep things warm and toasty while a casserole bubbles away on the hob or a couple of steaks sizzle in the firebox.

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ESSE’s unique heat transfer stove technology efficiently channels heat from the firebox into the graduated temperature hob, bringing it up to cooking temperature within just a few minutes of lighting.

Combine with a hot water jacket and the 50m2 Warmheart will also provide hot water while the hob can be used to boil a kettle, cook a casserole or griddle a steak.

Designed to accommodate dry, seasoned logs of up to 360mm (14inch) length the Warmheart can be installed pretty much anywhere to provide a reliable, ‘off-grid’ source of heat over extended periods – no mains services required.

Whether it’s providing heat and hot water in a remote mountain hut or chargrilled T-bones or fresh cooked fish after a day fishing on the lake, the Warmheart can be counted on to deliver consistent heat and sustenance, wherever and whenever you need it