Spare Parts

Largest Range of Spare Parts in Victoria

We stock the largest range of quality spare parts and get requests Australia wide. 90% of our spare parts are Australian made and range from firebricks, grates, fans, stove tops, flue boxes, water boilers and hot plates to baffles and liners for hundreds of current or older cookers, heaters, superseded and vintage models from overseas and Australian made units, .

Operating since 1977, today, we stock the largest range of heater and cooker spare parts in Australia for both current and superseded models. From bricks and baffles, to grates, door handles and fan switches, we supply them all.  We even manufacture our own spare parts that are no longer available for popular models of heaters and cookers that have been out of production for many years.

Below is a selection of spare parts we sell. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or have a question, please contact us today on 03 5152 2019 and speak with one of our friendly team about what you are searching for.

  • Metal baffle plates & liners
  • Ceramic board baffle plates & liners
  • Fire door glass & seals
  • Fire bricks
  • Flues & flue bends
  • Stove cement & putty
  • Decorative mesh
  • Brick retainers
  • Wooden door handles
  • Anti-downdraft cowls
  • Air control knobs
  • Fire grates & Log grates
  • • Door handle shafts & latches
  • Hot water jackets / boilers
  • Door seals & ropes
  • Heater fan blades & motors
  • Air tubes
  • Heater fan switches
  • Roof Dektite flashings
  • New heater fans