Clean Air Freestanding


Covered by a 15 year firebox warranty, the Clean Air Freestanding slow combustion wood heater range sets the standard for all new wood heaters with a unique modern design and numerous great features. Available in three different sizes (Small 180m2 – 200m2, Medium 200m2 – 250m2, Large 250m2 – 350m2), all Clean Air freestanding wood heaters come with double glazed curved front door that stays cleaner for longer as well as side view glass so you get an even better view of the flames.


  • 15 year firebox warranty
  • 3 speed remote control fan
  • Double glazed glass door keeps internal glass hot and cleaner for longer
  • Specially coated side viewing glass for 180 degree viewing that reflects heat
  • Skamolex lined firebox pushes heat back into firebox
  • Heat exchange tubes extracts more heat from the fire

Small Console

  • Heats up to 200sqm
  • Heat output 12kW
  • Burns up 8 hours
  • Efficiency 72%
  • Emissions 0.95 g/Kg

Medium Console

  • Heats up to 300sqm
  • Heat output 14.2kW
  • Burns up 10 hours
  • Efficiency 70%
  • Emissions 0.85 g/Kg

Large Console

  • Heats up to 350sqm
  • Heat output 19.2kW
  • Burns up 12 hours
  • Efficiency 70%
  • Emissions 0.76 g/Kg


Small Console: 815mm H x 709mm W x 592mm D
Medium Console:  865mm H x 759mm W x 615mm D
Large Console: 915mm H x 859mm W x 700mm D


Small Console: Rear 100mm | Side 450mm | Corner 100mm | Front: 300mm
Medium Console: Rear 150mm | Side 550mm | Corner 200mm | Front: 300mm
Large Console: Rear 250mm | Side 650mm | Corner 225mm | Front: 300mm

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Clean Air wood heaters have been designed and developed in Australia, inspired by international trends and technologies. With Australian Design, German glass, Danish firebox lining and American coatings, Clean Air are a genuine global wood heater. Boasting low emissions and high efficiencies, Clean Air wood heaters are the perfect choice when looking for a quality wood heater to warm your home.


Small 150-200, Medium 200-250, Large 250-350

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