Arrow 2000


This heater is one of the biggest insert heaters on the market. With the ability to heat up to 350m2, this will keep your big homes cosy all winter long.

One of the great features of the Arrow heaters is that they all have a grate and ashpan system for ease of lighting your fire and of cleaning out your fire also. Built with internal cast iron liners made to last and a 3-speed fan to help push that heat out and keep you warm.

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Made in Australia, Arrow inbuilt heaters are available in two sizes and performance levels that cater for homes up to 35 squares*.
Both inbuilt heaters have identical features and the same high standards of construction, durability and longevity.
Both inbuilt heaters each come with a powerful 3 speed fan for maximum heat distribution:
• Model 1600 – Suitable for areas up to 25 squares*.
• Model 2000 – Suitable for areas up to 35 squares*.
• Available in Satin Black.

Arrow inbuilt woodheaters also come standard with performance enhancing cast iron fire box liners and cast
iron grates, plus the convenience of the easy to use ash pan, which means you need never let the fire go out.
The triple-burn range of Arrow woodheaters takes winter warmth to a new level.

Dimensions 390 × 1028 × 814 mm