Charnwood Island II & III

The Charnwood Island range sets the definitive standard for clean-burning wood heaters. When this collection was first launched it revolutionised home heating creating the benchmark in environmentally clean-burn, single controlled fires. The result is highly sophisticated simplicity. The Island range is available in two sizes as the Island II and Island III. Both come standard with a “shaker grate” (high quality cast iron grate fingers)  and ash tray,  making cleaning a breeze. Perfect for new homes, the Charnwood Island wood heaters come standard with the ability to have an out side air intake, so you can have outside air to fuel your fire, or add an insulated room seal flue kit, to create the perfect and cleanest fire for your home.


The Island II is the smaller wood heater in the Island collection. With a larger view of the fire it still retains its clean-line proportions while producing a comforting heat to the room. It my look traditional with classic with two cast doors and cast legs, but behind this fascia is one of the most modern and cleanest burning wood heaters of its type.


  • Heats up to 150sqm
  • Max heat output 7.5kW
  • Max efficiency 77%
  • Average efficiency 69%
  • Emissions 0.8grms
  • Dual doors with cool to touch handle
  • Fully vermiculite lined
  • Top or Rear Flue
  • Outside Air standard
  • Riddling grate & ashtray
  • Radiant Fire


The Island III is the larger fire in the Island collection. Its majestic proportions make it ideal for larger rooms and open plan areas.Exuding a rated 10kW of heat, this is a wood fire that can take an incredible log length of over half a metre. The Island III offers a spectacular view of the fire; a true wide-screen experience. Optional convection panels are also available.


  • Heats up to 180sqm
  • Max heat output 10.5kW
  • Max efficiency 66%
  • Average efficiency 63%
  • Emissions 1.5grms
  • 10 year firebox & 1 year parts warranty
  • Dual doors with cool to touch handle
  • Top or Rear Flue
  • Outside Air standard
  • Riddling grate & ashtray
  • Radiant Fire


Island II: 675mm H x 614mm W x 448mm D | 133 Kg

Island III: 713mm H x 765mm W x 484mm D | 180Kg


Island II – Rear: 300mm | Sides: 450mm | Corner: 275mm | Front: 470mm

Island III – Rear: 225mm | Sides: 525mm | Corner: 350mm | Front: 300mm


Exceptional wood burning heaters made on the Isle of Wight since 1972, Charnwood wood heaters are advanced appliances that deliver a reliable burn providing warmth to the whole of your property and all with an amazing degree of control, economy and environmental friendliness. The bodies of our stoves are British built from the best combination of materials for durability and design aesthetics: plate steel, cast iron, fire brick and ceramic glass.

These materials offer the best in strength and versatility with excellent heat retention properties. They also allow the stove to be tightly sealed ensuring optimum control over the burning rate – close down the air supply for a gentle burn or open it right up for an intense, blazing fire. The baffle plate on all of our models can be taken out with ease, enabling the cleaning of the flue and the chimney without the inconvenience of removing other internal fire parts.

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